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“Choices drive Patterns!
            Patterns guide Choices!”

We created the visual self-management tools to guide daily choices, habits and behaviors that make up your lifestyle. Each person with diabetes [PWD] must be the leader to educate his/her own family, healthcare team, friends, school personnel, and fellow workers as to his/her needs and how they can help.

Impact ChartTM – data from the personal diabetes program on a smart phone transfers to the Cloud and Analytic Platform. It fills in multi-dimensional data and management based on not only (i) choices, habits and behaviors, but also (ii) food, activity/exercise and medications against background of blood glucose patterns. It does so using Continuous or Discrete Glucose Monitoring.

NutrientCalcTM – allows for the inclusion of extra fat and protein into meal plans and suggests enhanced insulin dosing algorithms to control the glucose rise known to be due to such enriched meals.

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