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Persons with Diabetes [PWD] will understand and control their own patterns of “best possible” glucose control with the use of smart tools.


To provide problem-solving tools that reveal to the PWD how their own choices lead to predictable patterns of glucose control.


As PWD’s, we are too overwhelmed and so not actively focused on our glucose control.

Our approach to diabetes control usually is captured in the arcade game: Whack-a-Mole!

React  to an undesirable glucose level rather than understand   the “why” that caused the too high or low glucose level.”

With Choices and PatternsTM tools, I can do this thoughtful problem solving with Pattern Management. I will understand that unwanted consequences “began” hours earlier and are due to “unwise” choices made at those earlier times.

The usually hidden interactions of food, insulin and activity/exercise and their impact on glucose levels are visually presented in [near-] real time.

What is personalized and visible?

Onset, peak and duration of my medicines are visually displayed in order to tell me how and probably why my glucose levels are changing.

The onset, peak and likely duration of my special physical activity are visually displayed reminding me of how long such activity [a lot or a little] will act on my glucose levels.

The extra long time of impact on glucose control because of eating an “enriched meal due to extra protein and fat” is displayed in order to alert me that supplemental insulin treatment may likely be needed.

The glucose events or consequences [favorable or unfavorable] are visually linked to the core variables of my glucose values, insulin treatment, and focused exercise.

The unfavorable consequences are recorded and explained using Pattern Recognition analysis:

Reminding me of similar unwanted glucose outcomes that happened following similar choices, habits and behaviors.

Offering me the opportunity to understand the “consequences of my choices” rather than merely observing the bewildering “magic” of my lifestyle.

Choices and Patterns™ moves my understanding from recording “what happened” to alerting me to the “patterns of choices” that likely created such unwanted glucose results.


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